Missing ftruncate

Simon Marlow simonmar at microsoft.com
Wed Jan 5 05:18:29 EST 2005

On 04 January 2005 17:51, Krasimir Angelov wrote:

>  I also would like to have some functions for creation
> of temporary files. My proposal is:
> openTempFile :: FilePath
>              -> String
>              -> IO (FilePath, Handle)
> openBinaryTempFile :: ...
> The first argument is the directory where to create
> the file and the second argument is the file name
> template. The template is something like "foo.bar"
> with this template the name of the created file will
> be fooXXX.bar where XXX is some random number. The
> function should create immediatelly the file in order
> to prevent other processes to create a file with the
> same name. The returned path is the complete path to
> the created file and the handle is the handle to the
> created file.

See withTempFile in Distribution.Simple.Utils; in many cases it is
better to use the 'with'-style to eliminate the possibility of
forgetting to remove the temporary file later.  Sometimes the 'with'
style isn't appropriate, but in those cases you should keep a list of
temporary files and remove them with a top-level exception handler (like
GHC does).


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