Non-H98 crusade, contd.

Keith Wansbrough Keith.Wansbrough at
Mon Feb 28 15:22:07 EST 2005

> > The reason
> > was that error messages for beginners' code were rather baffling.
> > (And pretty baffling for some experts too!)
> I don't understand how they could be more baffling than any other type
> errors involving monads.  Can you give an example?  (I could not find
> any, only mentions of them.)  Maybe error messages were less clear then?
> Or maybe understanding of monads was less pervasive?

Beginners are taught lists and list comprehensions before they are
taught monads.  The errors they saw involved monads, which they didn't
yet know about.  Confusion reigned.

--KW 8-)

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