Non-H98 crusade, contd.

Sven Panne Sven.Panne at
Sat Feb 26 14:02:40 EST 2005

ross at wrote:
> Cabal has lots of compatibility gunk to preserve portability.  It uses
> Distribution.Compat.ReadP, which presents a Haskell 98 interface,
> implemented using Text.ParserCombinators.ReadP for those that have it and
> re-implemented for the rest. [...]

OK, then let's reformulate my question: Why do we have a non-H98 ReadP at all?
If I see it correctly, it is only to save one type parameter, but this looks
like a bad trade-off. We could deprecate the current non-H98 ReadP then (keeping
it for backwards compatibility) and offer a new pure H98 version. This would
avoid the current #ifdef horror and keep the interfaces compiler-independent,
both are worthy goals IMHO...


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