required fields in Cabal

Krasimir Angelov kr.angelov at
Tue Feb 22 08:16:43 EST 2005

On Mon, 21 Feb 2005 17:56:08 -0800, Isaac Jones <ijones at> wrote:
> * What any good package should have:
>        package (name and version) :: PackageIdentifier,
>        license        :: License,
> -- OR?
>        licenseFile    :: FilePath,
>        copyright      :: String,
>        maintainer     :: String,
>        synopsis       :: String,

The good package should have these fields but they aren't required if
you only want to build some code with Cabal. This will be the typical
case with VSHaskell. The developer will use Cabal in order to build
his/her projects but may never fill these fields. These fields are
important when the developer decide to distribute the package. I think
that Cabal should check only for "package" field, but Hackage should
check for all fields.


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