Type for Current Time Function

Scott Turner p.turner at computer.org
Fri Feb 4 10:48:12 EST 2005

On 2005 February 04 Friday 10:10, Simon Marlow wrote:
> I think I don't really understand the (days,ticks) representation.
> Could somebody explain the meaning of arithmetic on this type?
Its virtues are that it corresponds to UTC (including leap seconds) and 
doesn't have any more fields than necessary.

With UTC, leap seconds are involved if you're doing arithmetic down to the 
level of seconds or more finely.  IMO the default should be to use the most 
up-to-date leap second information available.  For some purposes, 
calculations that ignore leap seconds will be desired.  As Ashley said,
> There seems to be consensus that it should be some kind of 
> encoding of  UTC rather than TAI.
Given UTC, questions of how to ticks or seconds will arise regardless of 

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