System.Time.Clock Design Issues

Keean Schupke k.schupke at
Thu Feb 3 19:05:20 EST 2005

Peter Simons wrote:

>Benjamin Franksen writes:
> > What about making the leap seconds table (LST) a
> > parameter of the UTC/TAI conversion?
>That is definitely a good idea. If I didn't get it wrong,
>then any TAI to Calendar Time conversion needs this
>information to be accurate:
> * TAI time to convert,
> * TAI time when the above timestamp was created,
> * and the table of leap seconds in TAI.
>This is the only way a TAI timestamp into the future can be
>converted back to Calender Time accurately -- at all points
>in time. Or so I believe.
If the system provided the current time as either UTC or TAI, would
there be any application that would need to convert between the


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