cabal release (was: cabal experiences)

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Mon Dec 12 09:46:07 EST 2005

| then.  1.2 might be a good version to get into ghc 6.6, though I
| expect that it won't have configurations or shipments, since we won't
| have much time to try those out. What's the schedule like for ghc 6.6?

Well, the plan is for 6.6 to have impredicative types, and revised
GADTs. I'd like to fix the interaction of type classes and GADTs too.
And we'd like to have shaken down the parallel implementation a bit.  

The natural time for 6.6 feels like at least 3 months from now -- and
we'd rather not get pinned down to any dates for a while yet.  If the
reason you want 6.6 is to get a new Cabal, why not download a new Cabal
package?  Or is there another reason you want 6.6?

Bug-fixes to 6.4 are a much smaller deal. 


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