cabal release (was: cabal experiences)

Isaac Jones ijones at
Sun Dec 11 15:29:57 EST 2005

Ian Lynagh <igloo at> writes:

> Oh, that reminds me of something else I meant to mention; personally I'd
> rather see a ghc 6.6 release next rather than a 6.4.2 with a deficient
> cabal again.

This reminds me, I'm actually thinking of trying for a cabal release
just after christmas (I'll have some free time).  This probably means
another relase candidate very soon, and an attempt at releasing 1.2
then.  1.2 might be a good version to get into ghc 6.6, though I
expect that it won't have configurations or shipments, since we won't
have much time to try those out. What's the schedule like for ghc 6.6?

Here are the open bugs on cabal that I've collected lately.  The ones
in the 1.2 milestone, marked "critical" are the ones I consider
"release-critical".  Unfortunitely, they're pretty vague, mostly it's
trying to decide what should get in the release:

Lots of the other bugs are pretty easy.  Click on "Easy Tickets" here
to see stuff that's up for grabs :)



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