cabal experiences

Ian Lynagh igloo at
Sun Dec 11 10:58:59 EST 2005

Hi all,

Here are the issues I ran into while cabalising some stuff recently.
It's possible that some of the problems are just me failing to find the
right option.

* No way to get extra files into the source tarball.

* No way to specify extra clean files.

* No way to specify extra object files to be put into a library.

* With "defaultMainWithHooks defaultUserHooks" clean is not removing
  config.log, config.status. Hmm, the dist/ directory doesn't seem to be
  being removed either.

* Again with "defaultMainWithHooks defaultUserHooks", sdist doesn't copy

* "runghc6 Setup.hs sdist" without configuring tells me to run
  "setup configure", but wouldn't that restrict me to a particular compiler?
  (the same applies to clean, although it's not as critical there).

* I'm not sure why all cc-options can't be passed to hsc2hs with -C-optc
  (and likewise ld-options and -L-optl).

* I think -threaded should be an extension.


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