RFC: Data.StringMap

Adrian Hey ahey at iee.org
Thu Aug 18 03:25:21 EDT 2005


I've been playing about with a bit of applied AVLism to
implement (hopefully) efficient String maps. I've posted
what I've done so far here..

It's early days so it's a bit limited and hardly tested at
all. I just want to ask peoples opinions on this before I
go further. Like..

Does anybody object to me usurping the Data.StringMap slot
in the hierarchical namespace? It seems to be vacant at
the moment but maybe someone has other ideas about how this
should be filled.

Is anybody working on possible alternatives? If so it would
be good to do some performance comparisons. I think the
data structure I've used will turn out quite efficient, but
there are other possibilities like using packed strings
and/or hashing.

Any suggestions or feature requests?

Also, I'd be grateful someone could tell me what the
data structure I've used is actually called :-)

Adrian Hey

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