argument ordering (was: Re: Priority Queues, or lack thereof)

Frederik Eaton frederik at
Thu Aug 18 03:05:01 EDT 2005

> > I see the same kind of argument ordering in Data.Map. Why is the data
> > structure last? Usually one would think that the arguments should be
> > ordered from "most constant" to "least constant" so that currying is
> > as useful as possible. But surely the data structure is "more
> > constant" than its elements, even (especially?) if it is persistent.
> I would think that the most constant parameter is the ordering
> function. The second most constant is debatable, but I tend to think
> that it's more common to insert the same key into a list of priority
> queues, for example, rather than insert different keys in to the same
> priority queue (that is, as long as the queue is side-effect free)...

Maybe it's a 'foldr' versus 'foldl' thing, where you and Data.Map have
chosen 'foldr'. Personally I prefer 'foldl'. After all, traversing the
list in order is more intuitive.


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