Getting Cabal 1.1.1 working on Windows 98

Krasimir Angelov kr.angelov at
Tue Aug 9 03:22:52 EDT 2005

I think the right way is to use postConf hook in the Cabal's
Setup.lhs. The hook should check whether the BUILD platform is Windows
98 and it can add shfolder to extra-libs field in the hooked build
info. Currently I am not sure how to check whether the platform is
Windows 98. After all the Setup.lhs should still run under Unix. I
wonder how many people still use Windows 98 platform. In my opinion it
is too unstable.


On 8/8/05, Isaac Jones <ijones at> wrote:
> I don't understand this problem.  What is the right way to fix this in cabal?

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