package description fields

Krasimir Angelov kr.angelov at
Thu Aug 4 03:23:57 EDT 2005

On 8/3/05, Ross Paterson <ross at> wrote:
> Proposals:
> 1) New field extra-tmp-files, a list of extra files to be removed by
>   setup clean, beyond those that can be deduced.

I can't see why this field is required.

> 2) Rename other-files as extra-source-files for consistency and clarity.


> 3) New field data-files, a list of files to be copied to a place where
>   an executable can find them (e.g. template-hsc.h for hsc2hs):
>        Hugs: the directory containing the Main module
>        GHC/Windows: the directory containing the executable
>        GHC/Unix: /usr/local/share/<exename>
>   plus a new function in System.Directory to return the name of this
>   directory.  That would address Dimitry's requirements in

I would like to propose more Unix like directory layout for Windows i.e.:

executables: %ProgramFiles%\<pkg-name>\bin
libraries:       %ProgramFiles%\<pkg-name>\lib
data files:     %ProgramFiles%\<pkg-name>\data

The advantage is that if you have a lot of libraries and data files
then it is easier to find out the executable files.  Happy, Alex and
Haddock already use layout like in the Ross's proposal but I found it
very inconvenient because usually I am building them together with
ghc. The problem is that when I do make install in the fptools
directory then ghc is installed in ${prefix}/bin but the above tools
are installed in ${prefix}. Usually then ${prefix} directory isn't
included in the PATH and this makes them inaccessible. I can move them
to ${prefix}/bin but then I have to move all other template files too.
It would be nice if we had more consistent directory layout.


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