package description fields

Ross Paterson ross at
Wed Aug 3 10:40:10 EDT 2005


1) New field extra-tmp-files, a list of extra files to be removed by
   setup clean, beyond those that can be deduced.

2) Rename other-files as extra-source-files for consistency and clarity.

3) New field data-files, a list of files to be copied to a place where
   an executable can find them (e.g. template-hsc.h for hsc2hs):
	Hugs: the directory containing the Main module
	GHC/Windows: the directory containing the executable
	GHC/Unix: /usr/local/share/<exename>
   plus a new function in System.Directory to return the name of this
   directory.  That would address Dimitry's requirements in

   Dimitry has a more elaborate proposal:

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