Help! no environment variable expansion in package files ?!?

Daan Leijen daan at
Thu Apr 28 09:37:12 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I am trying to prepare a new release of wxHaskell based
on ghc 6.4 but I am in despair. It seems that the new
package descriptions do no longer allow environment
variables in there. For example:


I would like the ${wxhlibdir} to be replaced by the
value in the environment. This feature is absolutely
*essential* to get the windows installer working.
I use a batch file that gets the current directory
and puts that in the environment before call ghc-pkg.

On unix, I can use sed to make it work, but this does
not hold for windows. What can I do to allow the user
to install wxhaskell at arbitrary places using just a
batch file? (ie. we can not assume that cygwin is available)
I can hardly believe if no one has thought of this before,
so I hope it is just a syntax issue.

All the best,
-- Daan.

ps. If someone knows a solution, please
tell me soon as this is my last day the university and
thus my last opportunity to build a wxHaskell release
on multiple platforms.

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