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> On Fri, 22 Apr 2005 08:09:27 -0700, Peter Simons <simons at> wrote:
> >> And hGet/PutWord8 are fast enough for most situations.
> >
I haven't been following the discussion closely but I am just about to make a 
big release of the crypto library and I have been using "Hal Daume III's 
NewBinary now ghc6ized, cabalized, debianize, darcsized." available at Specifically I use:

import qualified NewBinary.Binary as B (BinHandle, getBits, getByte)

I hadn't see anything about getBits but would make a plea for its inclusion in 
any Binary IO package.
> I seem to run into this kind of thing a lot with Haskell.  Dominic's ASN
> library is useful to me, however I'm finding I'll probably just have to
> use it as a template for new code.  It works fine for what designed for,
> parsing keys and such, but I'm looking to use it to represent gigabytes of
> data.  Processing data like that one Word8 at a time isn't practical.
For information, the most significant change in the crypto library (as well 
darcsizing, cabalizing and restructuring it to fit the agreement reached on 
this list - is the 
ASN.1 handling. If that is going to cause anyone problems, please let me know 
I will see what can be done.


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