Cabal Issues

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Sat Apr 23 18:00:42 EDT 2005

On 23 April 2005 21:03, Benjamin Franksen wrote:

> On Saturday 16 April 2005 03:22, Isaac Jones wrote:
>> Ashley Yakeley <ashley at> writes:
>>> I've just started using Cabal, for my time library implementation
>>> (<>). I have some issues:
>>> 1. If I do "runghc Setup.hs haddock" and then "runghc Setup.hs
>>> install", the documentation doesn't appear to get installed
>>> anywhere. 
>> Where do folks think that the docs should go?
> This is highly system dependent and even linux distributions don't
> agree here. So:
>> Or should we add a
>> haddock-prefix flag to configure?
> Yes. For unix like systems, a reasonable default (if no option is
> specified) could be /usr/local/share/doc.

Sure - this is only the default, we expect RPMs and other package
systems to override it to match the local policy.  A subdirectory of
/usr/local/share/doc is the right thing on Unix systems.


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