Cabal compiling with profiling

Ian Lynagh igloo at
Tue Apr 19 12:30:45 EDT 2005

On Mon, Apr 18, 2005 at 07:24:56PM -0700, Isaac Jones wrote:
> I have a patch from Arthur Baars to build profiling libraries for GHC.
> I'm wondering how people think it should be integrated?  Should we
> have a --prof option that JUST builds profiling libraries, or which
> builds both non profiling and profiling?  I know that the makefile
> system has some "ways" that I think are related to profiling.  Should
> we have something more flexible, or is --prof or --with-prof flexible
> enough?

It would be nice to allow binary package distributors to be able to
create foo and foo-prof packages for large libraries easily, rather than
having to bundle everything in one or split files out "by hand". This is
more important as more variants are supported, obviously.


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