Cabal Installing Executables

Dominic Steinitz dominic.steinitz at
Sat Apr 16 06:55:00 EDT 2005

On Saturday 16 Apr 2005 9:10 am, Niklas Broberg wrote:
> > Can someone tell me what I have to do to install the executables in the
> > current directory or my home directory and also set the permissions (and
> > ownership) to be that of the installer?
> Give the flag --prefix=/my/chosen/dir when you run ./Setup configure,
> that will put the executables in /my/chosen/dir/bin. Very handy. =)
> /Niklas

Thanks for this. It doesn't quite do what I want.

I want the executables in /my/chosen/dir/bin but the library to be in 
/usr/local/lib rather than /my/chosen/dir/lib.

Actually now I think about it, what I really want is for the user of the 
package would build it, test it and then install it. The executables are 
actually tests and examples. I'd like the installer to be able to run the 
tests locally and then, if they are happy, install it.

I suppose a solution is:

./Setup configure --prefix=/my/chosen/dir
./Setup build
./Setup install --user

Run the tests in


./Setup unregister --user
./Setup clean
./Setup configure
./Setup build
./Setup install

One final thought: why is there no uninstall?


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