Cabal Issues

Isaac Jones ijones at
Thu Apr 14 10:57:40 EDT 2005

Ashley Yakeley <ashley at> writes:

> I've just started using Cabal, for my time library implementation
> (<>). 


> 1. If I do "runghc Setup.hs haddock" and then "runghc Setup.hs install", 
> the documentation doesn't appear to get installed anywhere.
> 2. Likewise, "runghc Setup.hs clean" doesn't delete the documentation. I 
> had expected it to delete the whole dist directory.

Hm. Sounds like a bug; the "haddock" command was added kinda late in
the game.  You can always implement a workaround in your Setup.lhs
file with UserHooks, but then you'd have to watch out for new versions
of cabal that fix this behavior.

> 3. There ought to be a mechanism for including tests. Something like 
> "runghc Setup.hs check". Right now I have two tests that are executables 
> that are run and the output compared to a reference output file (and 
> another test that must be verified manually). But perhaps this is 
> difficult.

I just pushed a fix to the CVS and darcs repos where if you run
./setup test, it'll execute the runTest function in UserHooks, which
can do whatever you want it to do.

Unfortunitely, I don't remember what the "bool" there is supposed to
be, and I had forgotten to add this command earlier, so something here
is definitely going to change before a release, but if you want to
start using this for convinience, go ahead :)

Also, should it be ./setup test? ./setup check?



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