replacement for popen

Uwe Schmidt uwe at
Wed Apr 13 02:53:18 EDT 2005

Simon Marlow wrote:

> If you really must use hGetContents, then the hack above is necessary:
> you have to force the output strings before waiting for the process to
> terminate.  This would be slightly cleaner:
> >        res  <- hGetContents outH
> >        errs <- hGetContents errH
> >        forkIO (evaluate (length res))
> >        forkIO (evaluate (length errs))
> which avoids blocking the main thread, but ensures that all the data
> gets pulled as it becomes available.


> forkIO(evaluate(length res)) 

the types do not match. evaluate has result IO Int
but forkIO expects IO ().

I tried

> forkIO(evaluate(length res) >> return ()) 

but this version again blocks.


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