Cabal Bug

Isaac Jones ijones at
Tue Apr 5 16:33:56 EDT 2005

Dominic Steinitz <dominic.steinitz at> writes:

>  So I added
> Ghc-options:     -fglasgow-exts

You might look at the Extensions field to see if your exstension is
explicitly listed there.

> to the cabal file. Now this module compiles but I still get the same error on 
> a different module and I know -fglasgow-exts allows this to compile when I do 
> it by hand.

It's perhaps because it's trying to build an executable at this point
and you didn't add that flag to the executables.  I take it that the
executables depend on the library?

> Why is cabal recompiling sources and why am I getting errors on the second 
> compilation?

Executables that depend on their own libraries are slightly awkward
right now; we hope to improve support for that in the future.  For
now, you should add that flag to both executables.  You should also
list the depended-upon modules to the other-modules field for that

> The sources and the cabal file are available via:

I couldn't build it because I don't have the NewBinary package.



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