System.FilePath propsal (Was: Cabal feedback notes)

Philippa Cowderoy flippa at
Wed Oct 27 12:46:50 EDT 2004

On Tue, 26 Oct 2004, Krasimir Angelov wrote:

> It is not hard to split System.FilePath to
> System.FilePath.Posix and System.FilePath.Windows. I
> will do that if other people also agree on that.

That makes life... irritating for those of us trying to write genuinely
portable code, insofar as there's no System.FilePath.DoTheNativeThing.
It'd be nice to be able to do things like get a list of the files, just
the files[1], in a given directory without having to use a preprocessor or
similar for portability.

[1] As opposed to directory entries like ".."

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