Haskell Libraries Wishlist

Isaac Jones ijones at syntaxpolice.org
Tue Oct 19 13:25:47 EDT 2004

Olaf Chitil <O.Chitil at kent.ac.uk> writes:

> I agree that using the Wiki is a sensible compromise.
> I do not quite see why more people would be willing to edit a Wiki
> page than send an email to John and me, but it is worth trying. To
> make this clear: John and I are perfectly able to handle the incoming
> emails about desired additions and changes to the pages; there simply
> are very few of them. 

This is a very good question and an important point of clarity, IMO,
to realize that it's simply a matter of people not sending you emails.
That's what I had assumed from my own experience (since you've always
been very responsive).

It seems like a cultural issue, not a technology issue, though the
culture of the wiki might still be a good solution in that case.

BTW, It would probably be good to have an email link from the wiki
page to someone willing to input the information (for people who would
rather email than edit the wiki).



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