Haskell Libraries Wishlist

John Peterson peterson-john at cs.yale.edu
Mon Oct 18 21:36:43 EDT 2004

Sorry to be so unresponsive on this.  Here's an "official statement"
from your haskell.org guy:

a) There's no way Olaf and I can keep up with any very dynamic
information on libraries.  The current haskell.org setup is as good as
it's going to get (occasional nagging emails to throw a few lines of
html on the page)
b) The wiki is a GOOD THING!  I would be happy to so something simple
like redirect every library through a wiki page in hwiki so there
would be a more uniform treatment of libraries.
c) Organization is a GOOD THING.  The wiki isn't enough to keep things
organized.  Anyone that wants to install stuff to make library web
pages more organized will get an admin account on haskell.org
d) I rather like having things under the haskell.org roof - delegating
to a separate website is perhaps a bad idea.  But on the other hand we
don't have anything on haskell.org at the moment that would replicate
the functionality of other sites.

Wish I had more time to help with this kind of stuff ---


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