Functional MetaPost Interim

Peter Simons simons at
Thu Oct 14 15:29:23 EDT 2004

I have another interim release of the Functional MetaPost
library to add to its rich history of interim releases.

I've moved the files into a hierarchical namespace and
generally cleaned the code up to resolve import conflicts,
fix minor problems with GHC 6.x and Hugs, etc.

You'll find my version here:

No documentation at all.

I hope to be able to turn this into a nice Haskell package,
because I think FuncMP is a wonderful library. It would,
however, be much more likely that this happens if I found
one or two other kind souls who'd help. So if you have made
some changes to FuncMP, too, just "darcs send" them away.

Well, I hope anyone finds this useful.


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