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Fri Oct 1 12:12:28 EDT 2004

On Fri, 1 Oct 2004, Christopher Milton wrote:

> Are you writing a server or a client?
> Could you describe a little bit more what you are trying to do?

I'm writing a little wiki clone. When the user edits and submits an entry,
I'd like to have them send the updated text via a form, but have the entry
they're editing hardcoded into the form they're sent - so they send the
URL "myscript?edit=<entry>" and the text for the entry via the form.

I've also found use for urlEncode (which I've not bothered doing yet as my
project's at a primitive stage so far), so it might be best just to expose
those two from the existing code as ships with GHC?

> --- Philippa Cowderoy <flippa at> wrote:
> > Would it be possible to expose urlDecode from Network.CGI, or to
> > automatically parse the query string in response to a POST rather than
> > just parsing the data on stdin?

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