The Fudgets Library

David Owen d_w_o at
Tue Nov 30 12:22:39 EST 2004

Hello all,

I've just joined the mailing list and I'm seeking some help.

I am having trouble installing and using the Fudgets library.  I am using 
SuSe Linux 9.0 and Fudgets version h13w May 2002.  I have tried to install 
the library for use with both of the recommended Haskell compilers: 
HBC-0.9999.5b and GHC version 5.02.3 (these are the  closest versions I 
could find to those recommended).

I think I have added the necessary directories to my path such as HBC when 
using the HBC compiler, and also GHC and HMake when using the GHC compiler.

When I attempt to compile a Fudgets program using ./hbcxmake Main
I receive the message "Fail:Missing source file: Fudgets.hi (fsopenfile: not 
a plain file)".

I am unable to compile at all with GHC as the 'Happy' parser generator it 
requires will not install.

Should any of you know why I am unable to compile Fudgets programs I would 
be most grateful.  And if someone is able to supply step-by-step idiot proof 
instructions for installing and compiling any Fudgets version (using either 
compiler) then that would be superb.

Without the Fudgets library I am not sure how to go about building a GUI 
client/server application such as a web browser in Haskell.

Any advice would be very much appreciated!

best regards

Swansea, United Kingdom

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