John Goerzen jgoerzen at
Tue Nov 23 15:48:22 EST 2004

On 2004-11-23, Lennart Augustsson <lennart at> wrote:
> Being an old C programmer I'd like to suggest a library, Text.Printf,
> for C printf() style formatting.

Please take a look at MissingH.Printf:

Downloads at:

It is a pure-Haskell implementation of Printf and friends.  It derives
some code from Ian Lynagh's printf in Template Haskell at

There was a detailed thread on this last week.  See
There are some caveats of a pure Haskell approach, most notably type
safety of the positional arguments.

There is reportedly also a Printf written using hs-plugins.

I would state right now that, if people want code in the standard
library, I would be willing to relicense any GPL'd MissingH work to LGPL
for inclusion in the standard library set.  I'm also willing to remove
dependencies on any other part of MissingH for Printf, if people want to
use it as a place to start hacking for the standard library.

-- John

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