Cabal on Windows, revisited

Isaac Jones ijones at
Wed Nov 3 12:11:06 EST 2004

Graham Klyne <GK at> writes:

> Isaac,
> I'll do what I can as and when time and other involvements permit.
> Meanwhile I was trying to provide what I hope was some constructive
> feedback, at this stage being mainly with respect to identifying
> aspects of Hugs that may require different treatment.  I feel that
> before I can seriously make patches to the code repository, I need to
> get a better overall handle on how the Cabal pieces fit together
> (which I'm slowly getting, I think).

FYI, I just pushed a version of the cabal (in both darcs and tarball
snapshot) that bootstraps with Hugs.  If you have the hugs-package
tool, you should be able to translate the makefile into a .bat file
that'll work for you on Windows.  It's pretty straightforward.

This also adds CPP as a language extension.  Since we have some basic
hugs support and preprocessors, I'll probably release this as 0.2.

I'm still thinking about my opinions on CPP.  Everyone has an opinion
on it, right? ;)

> Keep up the good work!




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