Tree Wars (latest round :-)

Adrian Hey ahey at
Thu May 27 12:29:47 EDT 2004

On Wednesday 26 May 2004 2:08 pm, Daan Leijen wrote:
> Btw. Given the good performance of AVL, maybe we should try to
> make the interface look like DData.Map (or maybe provide a seperate
> AVL.Map module to does that). This would allow one to use
> IntMap, AVL.Map or Map without changing (much) code.

Well I was thinking of doing this with FiniteMap, so it should
be possible with DData.Map too (once library is finished and

But right now my main priority is to finish the AVL library
and do more testing (whatever the performance, we need to be
confident that it works :-). So don't expect to see either
of these clones immediately.

Adrian Hey

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