HaXML regression test suite (work-in-progress)

Graham Klyne gk at ninebynine.org
Tue May 18 18:15:14 EDT 2004

I've placed a copy of my work-in-progress regression test suite for HaXml 
on the web, at:

There are a small number of home-grown tests, but the majority of test 
cases are based on the W3C XML test suite (currently, just a small part 
thereof).  The W3C test data files are in a zip archive in the same directory:

I believe the test program should run with zero errors using the existing 
HaXml, "out of the box".  Over time, I'll add in more of the W3C test cases 
(there are very many of them), but I'm hoping that this will serve for now 
as an effective regression-test suite for HaXML.


Graham Klyne
For email:

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