Extracting fptools subtree for standalone installation?

Iavor S. Diatchki diatchki at cse.ogi.edu
Fri May 7 11:43:24 EDT 2004

i have asked about that in the past too,
but it does not seem simple.

the library infrastructure project does not seem ready for
prime time yet, and it also seems rateher complicated
as it seems to deal with many different issues.

i find it that for libraries written in haskell (+ standard extensions)
by far the simplest thing is to write a simple makefile,
and tar the whole thing up.  for hugs there is no need for a makefile,
for GHC they tend to be very simple as GHC already can
find the files in the current project, and only needs to be told
about external libraries (if needed).  hmake is also quite clever,
so there isn't much burden on the library maintainer.

the only problem i encountered with this approach was that
i had to write a little tool to rename object files before
grouping them together in a library.  the tool was trivial to
write but i imagine a common tool to do that may be useful.

Simon Marlow wrote:

>On 07 May 2004 16:06, Martin Erwig wrote:
>>is there a simple method to extract a subtree of
>>the fptools/libraries hierarchy together with
>>a Makefile to create a working installation
>>script for that subtree?
>>I would like to extract the current version of
>>the FGL together with a Makefile that allows
>>the independent installation of the FGL. The
>>Makefile in the hierarchical library tree
>>seems to be heavily dependent on many other
>The answer is "not yet".  But we're making progress in that direction
>with the Haskell Library Infrastructure.
>	Simon
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