request for HUnit in hierarchical libs?

Dean Herington heringtonlacey at
Fri Mar 26 01:02:26 EST 2004

At 3:53 PM +0000 3/25/04, Malcolm Wallace wrote:
>Isaac Jones <ijones at> writes:
>>  >> [ HUnit in the hierarchical libraries ]
>>  If Malcolm isn't interested in maintaining it, perhaps I will.  It's
>>  something I use often, and I was thinking of packaging it for Debian
>>  anyway.  This will save me the trouble.
>I imagine Dean has first refusal on maintaining HUnit in the
>fptools repository.  But I'm certainly happy for Isaac to take on
>responsibility if Dean doesn't have either time or inclination.
>     Malcolm

I'd like to continue/resume maintaining HUnit (fortunately it hasn't 
needed much) and would be glad for it to become more mainstream. 
Where should I look to start learning what's needed to get it into 
the fptools repository?


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