State of DData

Christian Maeder maeder at
Thu Mar 25 18:09:29 EST 2004

JP Bernardy wrote:
> In the same vein, I've renamed MultiSet to Bag; being
> synonyms, I favoured the most usual name.

good, having looked at it, I'm missing a map (and mapMonotonic) function 
  for bags and maybe "subset" should be renamed to "subbag"?

> To me, this barely makes a difference whatever is
> chosen. For reasons of compatibility with the old
> FiniteMap/Set, "right bias+structure first" might be
> better.

I vote for the current state "left bias+structure last", as the bias 
should not matter much and a repeated lookup can be done using the 
section notation: (`Map.lookup` m)

For folding "structure last" is to be preferred as even the type of 
FiniteMap.foldFM suggest! Thus e.g..insert should be like in DData.Map 
and not like addToFM in Data.FiniteMap.


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