request for HUnit in hierarchical libs?

Isaac Jones ijones at
Wed Mar 24 12:58:00 EST 2004

"Simon Marlow" <simonmar at> writes:

>> I'd like to make a request that the HUnit testing framework be
>> converted to a 'package' in the hierarchical libraries, to make for
>> easier installation and use.  If it could be added to the fptools
>> repository, and so be distributed with new releases of ghc, Hugs,
>> and nhc98, so much the better, but a separate distribution would be
>> fine as well.  The current distribution appears to be two years old,
>> so I'm guessing it is pretty stable.  I know it has several 
>> keen users,
>> and making it more readily accessible would be a good goal.
> Sure, hoick it on over.
> We'll ship it with GHC and build it by default if it has an active
> maintainer with CVS access.

If Malcolm isn't interested in maintaining it, perhaps I will.  It's
something I use often, and I was thinking of packaging it for Debian
anyway.  This will save me the trouble.

> When the library infrastructure project comes to fruition, I'd like to
> see us split some of these packages off into separate shippable
> entities, but for the time being bundling with compilers is fine.


>> [
>>   For folks on the libraries list, I would also like to recommend
>>   that the existing 'QuickCheck' package move from its 
>> current location
>>   in 'Debug.QuickCheck' to 'Test.QuickCheck', which is more 
>> descriptive
>>   of its actual use.
>> ]
> No objections here.  Leave Debug.QuickCheck as an indirection for a
> while, marked deprecated.

FWIW I second the suggestion that it go into the Test hierarchy.  But
maybe this would be a good time to give them more descriptive names?
It's a little tricky, though, since they both have good "brands".  I
don't have any particularly good ideas.  I don't like the names
because they're both for unit testing, and they both are quick :)

Maybe in the long-term we should try to combine them?



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