request for HUnit in hierarchical libs?

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at
Wed Mar 24 12:09:11 EST 2004

I'd like to make a request that the HUnit testing framework be
converted to a 'package' in the hierarchical libraries, to make for
easier installation and use.  If it could be added to the fptools
repository, and so be distributed with new releases of ghc, Hugs,
and nhc98, so much the better, but a separate distribution would be
fine as well.  The current distribution appears to be two years old,
so I'm guessing it is pretty stable.  I know it has several keen users,
and making it more readily accessible would be a good goal.

As far as locating it in the hierarchy is concerned, I would suggest
the following renaming plan:

    HUnit		->	Test.HUnit
    HUnitBase		->	Test.HUnit.Base
    HUnitLang		->	Test.HUnit.Lang
    HUnitLang98		->	Test.HUnit.Lang98
    HUnitLangExc	->	Test.HUnit.LangExtended
    HUnitText		->	Test.HUnit.Text
    Terminal		->	Test.HUnit.Terminal

The other modules in the current distribution are unit tests for the
testing framework itself, so do not exactly belong in the hierarchy:


I imagine they could simply be retained as tests, but not installed.

The top-level of the 'Test' hierarchy does not currently exist,
but HUnit looks like an ideal candidate to start it off.

  For folks on the libraries list, I would also like to recommend
  that the existing 'QuickCheck' package move from its current location
  in 'Debug.QuickCheck' to 'Test.QuickCheck', which is more descriptive
  of its actual use.


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