More on version management...

Peter Simons simons at
Tue Mar 23 14:23:35 EST 2004

Graham Klyne writes:

 > I took a look at the Subversion site [...]

Just for the sake of adding even more confusion to the
already large variety of options, I'd like to mention
Monotone <>.

Of all the VC systems I have used, this appears to be the
"most" distributed one. It's also the only VC system I know,
which uses strong cryptography to properly authenticate
patches. (Darcs authenticates -- if I remember correctly --
the e-mail in which the patch is submitted, but not the
patch content itself as it's stored in the database.)

I have been using Monotone for several months now, and I am
quite happy with it. Its repository architecture would
probably work very well for the Haskell community,
especially since it supports a global hierarchical name
space, exactly like Haskell modules do.


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