Win32 process spawning, POpen and Hugs, revisited

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Tue Mar 23 10:31:50 EST 2004

> It was an actual request for information.  I'd really love to 
> be able to
> just open an editor to let the user edit a file and have it 
> just work, and
> currently I have no way of doing that which works with vi.  
> On the other
> hand, if the answer is "No, don't pass stdin and stdout to
> runInteractiveProcess", it would still be a very useful call, it just
> wouldn't solve my vi problem.

I admit I didn't follow the finer details of this discussion.  But we
ought to reach a conclusion.  The original question, correct me if I'm
wrong, is

   can I invoke an interactive editor that uses stdin/stdout
   using runInteractiveProcess?

the answer is no - that isn't what runInteractiveProcess is for (perhaps
the name is misleading).  

You can however happily invoke an editor using runProcess.  I just
tested it, and it works fine.  GHC *might* have changed the terminal
settings for stdin/stdout - this doesn't make any difference, as long as
the Haskell program doesn't change the buffering on stdin/stdout while
the editor is running.

David - does that solve your problem?


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