[Haskell] New version of the HTTP module

Bjorn Bringert d00bring at dtek.chalmers.se
Mon Mar 22 21:12:41 EST 2004

Graham Klyne wrote:
> I am finding that there are some (easily fixed) incompatibilities with 
> my revised Network.URI module.  (I also note that the HTTP module 
> duplicates the Authority-parsing functionality that is also present in 
> my Network.URI module, but that can be sorted out later.)
> In my module, I changed the structure of the URI datatype, though I do 
> provide functions to access components with their original names.  
> Unfortunately, the HTTP module makes some use of the "value { 
> component=value }" syntax to define new URI values, which is not 
> compatible.  If we are to adopt my version, these instances will need 
> changing.  This will, in turn, require some synchronization of the 
> change-over.

Great, I wasn't happy about adding the URI authority parsing stuff to 
HTTP in the first place, but I didn't have your Network.URI module at 
the time.

> My full codebase for HTTP and URI can be seen at:
>   http://www.ninebynine.org/Software/HaskellUtils/Network/
> My suggestion would be that we make the change-over by moving these to 
> the library CVS as a single unit.  But I guess we should see if the URI 
> changes are going to cause any other similar problems.

I agree. I guess we need to decide how to host this. Make a network 
module repository at haskell-libs?

> Do we have a stand-alone test harness for the HTTP code?  I've been 
> using the HXml Toolbox unit tests.

Not that I know of, but it would certainly be a good idea.


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