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Mon Mar 22 14:16:01 EST 2004

Graham Klyne <GK at> writes:

> You paint a fairly compelling picture.  I think that the big advantage of
> darcs that you describe is that it can merge changes from repository to
> repository, rather than just from sandbox to repository.  That seems useful
> to me, because I do use a locally-managed respository for all my work... it's
> the way I do backups.

I use the same feature to allow concurrent remote and local development and
transparent synchronization between both repositories.

> Well, maybe the fear of learning curve is because CVS is quite opaque in some
> respects.  Your description of Darcs made it seem easy enough.  Though there
> is still the complexity of setting up a local repository to consider.

"darcs inittree" creates a new repository in the current directory.
"darcs get" sets up a local copy
of a remote repository.

> Other questions I have:
> - ease of displaying differences between working copy and repository?

"darcs whatsnew" shows you unrecorded changes.

> - GUI front-end for exploring repository?

I haven't tried the wxHaskell gui, but the cgi repository browser is nice[1].

> - repository-hosting requirements?

filesystem, and an http server if you want others to be able to pull from your

> - ease of setting up secure connections to a remote repository?

You can use ssh[2] or sudo to push to a repository

> - support for CVS-like change-logs, etc ($Id: $, $Log: $, etc.)?

I don't know what's involved in CVS-like ChangeLogs, can you explain that one?
I think it might be the same as "darcs changes" but I'm not sure.
>From what I've seen on the mailing list, $Id and friends aren't likely, because
of the design of darcs.[3].

[1] links to my repo browser.
   ssh and sudo both mentioned here.
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