HaXml and HXml toolbox; namespace support

Simon Marlow simonmar at microsoft.com
Fri Mar 19 17:08:02 EST 2004

> Well, IIRC the reason for wanting independent releases was about
> keeping up-to-date in a more specific sense: when GHC shipped with
> HaXml, the code was always woefully out-of-date because there were
> two separate CVS repositories, my own and the GHC one, and they were
> structured differently.  It was far too much of a pain to maintain
> and synchronise the two repositories, so the GHC one languished.
> Now however, the repositories (including ghc/nhc98/Hugs as well as
> the libraries) are unified, so synchronisation is not a problem.
> Each compiler should always have the latest version of the library
> available when a release is forged.  Additionally, if you recall,
> HaXml used to be just one part of the 'text' package, alongside Parsec
> and various other things, which militated strongly against updating
> it independently.  We now have a more fine-grained package mechanism,
> which permits the user of a compiler to update an individual package
> like HaXml in between compiler releases.  Hugs handles this by
> separating the 'contributed' packages into separate directories,
> distinct from the 'core' packages which install into a single
> directory hierarchy.  (Ghc and nhc98 both use separate directories
> for all packages.)

Fair enough.  GHC also puts all the interface files for its hierarchical
packages into the same directory, BTW.


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