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Ketil Malde ketil+haskell at ii.uib.no
Wed Mar 17 14:24:29 EST 2004

Christian Maeder <maeder at tzi.de> writes:

> "Bag" and "MultiSet" are synonyms. 

Okay.  I was trying to look for a reasonable terminology/distinction
where they weren't.  If they are defined to be the same, that makes it
a bit pointless.

> However, putting different but equivalent elements into a set
> would change the Bag property as also strongly equal elements should
> contribute to a higher multiplicity.

Yes, of course.  I meant a MultiSet.

> If you have a map with counts you may consider to use bags instead
> (and trust in a stable and efficient implementation)!

Right.  At the time, it seemed simpler to use a FM (which I know has a
stable and efficient implementation, and which happened to be

Anyway, thanks for the clarifications!

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