version control and LIP

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Mon Mar 15 15:37:11 EST 2004

> >The original question was whether to move the LIP repository 
> to CVS or
> >keep it in an arch repository, or use something else.  This seems to
> >have lead on to the question of whether the whole of fptools 
> should move
> >to a new VC system.
> >
> >My opinion: I hate CVS, but I don't think we should switch at this
> >stage.   The main problems in CVS that affect us every day are:
> >
> >  - lack of support for versioning of directories (I'd like to 
> >    rearrange bits of the tree, but find that the fact that we'd
> >    lose history means it isn't worth it).
> >  
> >
> This can be done in CVS.  (I'm not a CVS fan, but that is 
> neither here 
> nor there.)  CVS can't do it automatically.  However, you can easily 
> move the RCS files and in this manner change the directory 
> structure.  
> What you lose is any history of the directory operations themselves.  
> But it is possible to move files.

Yes, I'm aware of this.  If you move the RCS file, then you lose the
ability to check out the tree at an earlier date.  You have to copy the
RCS file, and then edit the copy to mark all the old revisions as
"dead", thus keeping the history and allowing checkouts of old trees.
One gets the feeling that this isn't a well-supported feature ;-p


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