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Krasimir Angelov ka2_mail at
Mon Mar 15 00:27:13 EST 2004

--- Isaac Jones <ijones at> wrote:
> Krasimir Angelov <ka2_mail at> writes:
> > Does the arch works under Windows?
> It seems that there is some support, as you've
> already discovered.
> Apparently, cygwin is only one out of 3 options:
> I hope you can solve this problem.  Perhaps this is
> another reason I
> should move to darcs?  How's darcs support in
> windows?

I will try to install the native arch package but if
we need to choice between arch and darcs I will prefer
darcs. I both case I need to learn a new tool which is
a disadvantage for me. I prefer the darcs because it
is written in Haskell and because I found the theory
of patches very original. Of course these arguments
are very subjective and the real arguments will be
stability, portability and supported features.


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