version control and LIP

Sven Panne Sven.Panne at
Mon Mar 15 09:07:20 EST 2004

seth at wrote:
> The reason (I believe) that you tend to get such a wide range of 
> opinions in this area is that there is not a single common set of 
> needs. [...]

Very true. I'm not against anything new when it really solves a problem,
but I'm strictly against something simply *because* it's new. People
(including me :-) have a tendency to play around with new things, which
is undoubtedly good to improve one's personal knowledge, but is quite bad
when it comes to a production environment. I've seen quite a few baroque
VC and build systems in companies which no one could understand as whole,
because so many tools were involved when plain old CVS/make plus a little
bit of sh could have done the jobs easily. So what I'm proposing is:
"Keep it simple." And CVS *is* simple, we all use it daily...

What I'd like to hear is the set of needs we have, and if we really agree
on them. For my part, I'm quite happy with the development models supported
by CVS/Subversion, but there are surely other opinions. After we've reached
a conclusion on our needs and goals, we should look for a technical solution,
not the other way round.


P.S. to Seth: Interesting domain in your email address, but I really can't
remember having you as an employee...  :-)

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