version control and LIP

Sven Panne Sven.Panne at
Sat Mar 13 14:37:52 EST 2004

Isaac Jones wrote:
> [...] I know I've harassed several of you to read about arch, so my question
> is, will anyone throw tomatoes at me if I switch to CVS or darcs? [...]

I'd like to see CVS or Subversion, otherwise there will be a small tomato
from my direction... :-) The reasons for this are quite simple: CVS is
ubiquitous in the OpenSource world, and not only there, it is time-proven,
support for it ranges from (X)Emacs modes and VisualStudion plugins to web
interfaces. It has some small weaknesses, but those are well-known and most
of them are solved by CVS' "younger brother" Subversion, if you really want
to avoid them. We all use CVS for fptools, nhc98, etc., so I'd like to hear
a *concrete problem* we have with CVS which is solved by switching to something

VC is a rather religious topic, just like the discussion between make and ant.
(I still haven't seen a really compelling argument for ant from a person who
really knows GNU make, BTW.) So all I wanted to state was my personal opinion,
not to start a tool war.


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