version control and LIP

Isaac Jones ijones at
Fri Mar 12 14:32:43 EST 2004


I've been using the arch (tla) version control system for the Library
Infrastructure Project.  Since its designed to be distributed, arch
has many advantages over a system like CVS.  You can read about them

So I'm thinking about how to proceed with the VC of LIP.  Someone
asked me to move it to the central CVS repository, and someone else
asked if I would move it to darcs.

I'm using arch at work, and since I'm interested in such system, I'm
using darcs at home for my Debian packages (darcs is in Debian
unstable now, by the way).  Darcs is written in Haskell.

I know I've harassed several of you to read about arch, so my question
is, will anyone throw tomatoes at me if I switch to CVS or darcs?  Is
anyone else using my arch repository?

By the way, the Library Infrastructure Project is still moving
forward; I've been sending patches for stuff we'll need to the
upstream author of HMake (CC'd).



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