DNS and E-Mail library

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Fri Jun 25 12:11:31 EDT 2004


I have packaged up two libraries of mine in the hope that
someone will find them useful. Here they are:

  HsDNS: http://cryp.to/hsdns/
      An asynchronous DNS resolver based on the GNU Adns

  HsEMail: http://cryp.to/hsemail/
      A collection of Parsec combinators, which implement
      the grammars defined in RFC2821 and RFC2822 (SMTP and
      Internet Messag Format).

The web pages and release archives now contain reference
documentation courtesy of Haddock.


P. S.: Who would I need to contact to get these links up an
the haskell.org/libraries/ page?

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