Simon Marlow simonmar at
Thu Jun 17 11:33:15 EDT 2004

I've now implemented the System.Process library on Windows too.  It
needs Ross Paterson's new version of the Win32 library, which can be
found in CVS under libraries/win32.

While doing the Windows port I realised that parts of the interface
didn't work out too nicely, so I have left out createPipe and
commandToProcess from the interface.  If you think it is imperative to
have either of these, please yell.

Haddock docs here:

Code here:

(sorry no Makefile, but there's only a .c file and a .hsc file to

Comments please... perhaps there ought to be some simpler versions of
the general functions in this library, to cover the more common cases?

If there are no serious problems, this will be imported into CVS for GHC
6.4, and possibly future Hugs/nhc98 releases, if there aren't any
portability problems.


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